[(i+1)/n] : Hopeful Starts ✨



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[(i+1)/n] : Hopeful Starts ✨

Dear friend, 
The start of a new conversation, research paper, or relationship is often a cocktail of excitement, apprehension and hope. 
As much as I’d like to think that the start is the first dot of the pen surrounded by blank quadrants, with directions and tangents not limited by previous points—we don’t live in a vacuum.
Like all chats, research or new connections, the start of my writing is similarly influenced by context, previous research, or initial impressions.
Nonetheless, the start of something new is ✨🧡✨.
In “the M in ML stands for Mental Health”, I want to explore who we are:
I want to blur the boundaries between freely vulnerable and disregarded struggles. I want to sit with—and share—the editing beyond portrayed highlight reels, and discuss the uncertainties and indecisions that we keep revisiting as we age.
I want to make sense of our existence in this complicated entity-relationship net of the world. I want to emphasize the joys of being supported, to find cherished companions and accomplices, and to inspire in raising others. I stand by the belief in the good of us.
In the flurry of noise of this ever-moving world, I want to nurture mutual understanding, and for us to become better at combatting our intrusive thoughts. To grow, understand, and be more okay is important to me.
Thus, I want to write—and I want to hear from you.
Please reply to me or reach out if anything resonates or dampens a chord, sparks discussion, or conjures back aspirations from times when we were differently connected.
I have no credentials in these topics, beyond being a speck of humanity. But these are my bits, bytes, nibbles and words in reclaiming hope for a better us through our connected isolation. Within the polarized cacophony of society, I’d like to shape the tiny spread of cyberspace that I can call my own.
Hopefully, the impulsiveness of starting this (admittedly self-indulging) newsletter carries over into actions to keep the ball rolling… so that I won’t have to call this wishful thinking. ✨
Naively, I dare to hope that these words may bring you some minuscule benefit.
Stay well, be kind, do good. 
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"the M in ML stands for mental health"

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